Vertical Diversity Translates to Broad Capabilities



The intersection between healthcare and technology continues to grow, as innovations on one side translate to solutions on the other. Patient care being the center of this service universe, it only makes sense that as tech innovations redefine how people live, it redefine how people interact with their healthcare institutions.

Our Q-Team has extensive experience integrating tech, including in areas such as EMS (electronic records management) and digital data collection. Some developed software tools include mobile/online applications, clinical guidelines, information systems, and communication systems; these tools touch upon the areas of nursing, clinical care, dentistry, pharmacy, occupational therapy, and biomedical research.


Media and Entertainment

Q-DevEngine’s entertainment and media sector continues to grow, branching out to mobile, streaming radio, and streaming video. With new and evolving revenue models in play, our Q-Team can help you with media forecasting, video-on-demand, content streaming, and hyper-targeted content and advertising.

In line with our concept intensive focus, we have aligned our entertainment and media practices around the issues and challenges that are of the utmost importance to our clients in this sector. We make sure to analyze and understand the environment in which our clients operate and how it impacts their businesses.



The Q-DevEngine team has a strong background in the telecommunications arena, especially in the area of extending key capabilities to the mobile realm. The telecom industry has no shortage of tools and services, but the ever changing landscape requires constant updating, updating that if not done correctly can undermine the effectiveness of certain tools. Our Q-Team understands this, and as such takes special care to ensure that enhancements are done correctly the first time around.



Q-Dev has always had a passion for education. We’ve concepted and built some significant applications touch on areas of administration, analytics, real-time feedback, and enhanced teaching tools. With the integration of tablets and computers into the classroom, distributed to students on a one-to-one basis, the innovation opportunities in education are beyond anything we’ve seen in decades. Our Q-Team is passionate about this space, and has a proven track record of delivering results.


Internet of Things

Q-Dev has a strong background in the Internet of Things, also knows as IoT. Our parent company, HiPOINT, has been one of Chicago’s premier Internet and Tech Integration company’s for the past decade, which has given us a unique insight from the development point of view. As integrators of tech, we’ve seen first hand the successes and failures of IoT implementations, which gives us a strong edge in conceptualizing and implementing real world solutions. Whether it’s connected appliances, multimedia systems, or home automation, Q-Dev can help you concept and implement your vision in a manner that fully understands what a successful implementation really means.

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